The Overwhelming Majority of "Internet Marketers" Are Fucking Scumbags

Gee whiz, is that too blunt, perhaps? Whaddayathink?

I've said it many times: the whole "Internet Marketing Arena" is a swamp. A foul-smelling bog that will suck you down; filled with some of the nastiest, most amoral creatures you're ever likely to come across, who won't bat an eyelid as they strip the flesh from your bones and then run to forums and "share" their awesome new "method".

Eventually, they'll sell it as a WSO (with the obligatory "coaching program" – delivered entirely via video and pdf).

Now, wait a minute

Are there good, honest folks who do a bit of the ole "online marketing"? Of course! Sadly, however, the space seems to be chocked to the gills with cunts who are out to make a fast buck no matter what the consequences, no matter what shit they peddle, no matter what lies they tell.

I've come across so so so so much scumbaggery that it makes me want to cry. It really does.

It makes me want to cry that no one seems to care. It's just "How can I get more backlinks?" (no matter what kind of garbage that may involve or problems it could cause for legitimate site owners) or "How can I fleece someone today?"

I don't even know where to start ranting sometimes; the list of fuckwad behaviour is so overwhlemingly long.

Okay, time out... time out...

Does that mean I think anyone who makes money online is a fucker? Ah, no. That's not even remotely what I've just said — even though plenty of morons will think that's what I mean.

There are thousands of people making a legitimate crust online, marketing something they care about and which adds real value to other people's lives. More power to 'em. Keep up the good work, I say.

No, what makes me want to puke is that most people who call themselves "internet marketers" are little more than hustlers, pimps and thieves... at best.

The sooner goverment agencies such as the FTC start investigating "internet marketers" and "MMO" type folks and the majority of slimeballs on Clickbank and PayDotCom (no matter whether they're selling the online make money in your underpants dream or some shit 20-page infoproduct about, say, anxiety cures written by some idiot 22-year-old university student "ghostwriter" from the Phillipines who wouldn't know his arse from his elbow let alone the first thing about health sciences or psychology), the better.

I'll say it again: There are folks who market all manner of things online and who seem to do it ethically and provide real value. But the majority of the wannabes and many, many of the big name players... I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Reading The Salty Droid especially makes me want to cry. But I highly recommend doing so.